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    Phone Screen Replacements Tips

    iPhone 11 screen replacement no non genuine warning

    Why 'Important Display Message' Continuous Pop-up After Replaced the iPhone 11 Series Screen ?

    Why is there a pop-up showing up?

    Apple has added a verification mechanism to the iPhone 11 series models so that users can judge whether the device they are using is the original screen, and it is recommended that users do not replace the screen by themselves or through unofficial authorized channels



    Why did Apple add this mechanism?

    As we all known, Apple has never been friendly to user repairs, to maintain the income of their own repair projectthe company has stressed its disapproval of using third-party spare parts to repair its devices screens. 

    But the price of Apple's official repair is several times that of third-party repair parts, which makes consumers have to turn to third-party repair channels.

    iphone screen replacement pricing


    Are third-party repair parts much worse than official parts?

    No, as the technology becomes more and more mature, many third-party screens are not much worse than the original genuine screens. In terms of display effect, touch effect and price, the third-party screen replacements are much more cost-effective than Apple's original screen replacements.

    high quality iPhone screen replacement from LL TRADER


    If consumers use third-party screens, can they only endure continuous pop-up warnings?

    No. Generally speaking, the pop-up warning will only be displayed in the first four days after you installed the new screen, then moves to the Settings menu. After 15 more days, it’ll be moved to Settings -> General -> About. 

    After testing by our engineers, the LL TRADER screens did not show a pop-up warning and settings menu warning on iOS 13 and iOS 14.

    true tone function iPhone screen replacement

    True Tone Disappeared After Replaced the iPhone Screen ?

    What is True Tone Function?

    True Tone is light-sensing function that adapts the screen's brightness and colors to its surrounding lighting.

    true tone function principle


    Why True Tone Function Disappeared?

    Each part of the iPhone has an internal identification code and an external identification code, which are used for the iOS system and the factory to identify whether the parts have been replaced.

    Activating the True tone function requires the identification code of the original screen to be recognized by the system, so the new screen replacement doesn't has the true tone function.

    true tone identifcation code


    How to Restore the True Tone Function?

    To restore the true tone function on your new screen, you need a programmer to write the original code from the old screen to the new screen. It will not take a long time, but a programmer is expensive. For non-professional maintenance personnel, it is unnecessary to buy a programmer.

    true tone programmer


    Is It Not a Good Screen Replacement Without the True Tone Function ?

    Absolutely Not. Even if you replaced the screen in an Apple store, if you do not write the original identification code to the new screen, there will be also no true tone function. So you can't measure the quality of a screen by this.

    But not all the screen’s true tone function can be activated, some unscrupulous merchants did not add this function to the screen replacement in order to save costs.


    Where Can I Buy a High-quality Screen Replacement with True Tone Function ?

    You could buy high-quality screen replacements from LL TRADER. Established in 2009, LL TRADER is a famous screen replacements supplier in Europe, they also provide a longer warranty and better service.

    iphone screen replacement LL TRADER



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