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    Product: iPhone X Screen Replacement, LCD+touch digitizer screen assembly

    • Compatibility: Only compatible with iPhone X (10) (A1865, A1901, A1902, A1903)
    • Installation: The Front camera and Earpiece Speaker housing was pre-installed, you could transfer the original parts to the new screen in a short time.
    • Features: Original color saturation, High definition display, Sensitive touch response, Solid panel. 
    • Warranty: 12-month warranty for all the quality problems
    • Shipment: The order will be shipped within 24 hours from the warehouse near you  (UK/DE/FR/IT/ES).
    • Package Included: Apple iPhone X screen replacement+Tool kits+Waterproof adhesive

    ⚠️NOTE: TRUE TONE function programmable, please active it with a programmer

    Compared to LCD or TFT screen, OLED display is thinner and lighter, with high brightness, comfortable color, high definition, fast response and low power consumption. The images can be displayed clearly under the sunlight.

    The Basic Edition screens from LLTrader are the best priced iPhone screens on the market, offing you a budget option for your iPhone repairs. Equipped with only what you need to get your phone back in working order, no fuss, no unnecessary extras, only the essentials at the best price possible.

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