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    Rumors about Apple

    Apple launched a new product: Magsafe battery pack

    Apple launched a new product: Magsafe battery pack

    iphone magsafe battery packapple magsafe battery pack


    Apple quietly launched a new product called Magsafe battery pack, with a capacity of 1460mAh (7.62V, 11.13Wh), and Magsafe wireless output is 5W.
    The price is 99 pounds.

    Its capacity is the point that many people complain about. They think that this product is equivalent to a power bank, but only has a capacity of 1460mAh. Apple’s naming it a battery pack rationalizes the capacity.


    So would you choose a £99 battery pack with 1460mAh or £39 power bank with 10000mAh from LL TRADER? 

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    latest rumors for iPhone 13

    #iPhone13 series wireless charging coil or will be larger

    #iPhone13 series wireless charging coil or will be larger

    According to Max Weinbach, Apple plans to add a "larger" wireless charging coil to this year's iPhone 13 series, which will not only help to cool and boost power for wireless charging but may also pave the way for reverse wireless charging. Separately, Apple plans to offer reverse wireless charging for the next generation of iPad Pro by 2022.
    Apple may find the feature more meaningful in the iPad Pro because the battery is larger.

    iPhone 13 wireless charging reverse charging

    What's New in iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S?

    What's New in iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S?

    It’s getting closer and closer to Apple’s autumn conference in September. But the name of the new iPhone has not yet been determined, there are two names in the air, one is iPhone 12S, another one is iPhone 13.

    So, what are the highlights of the new iPhone?

    1. Four models will be released
    Apple will release the iPhone 13 series or 12S series.They are iPhone 13 mini, iPhone13, iPhone13 Pro, iPhone13 Pro Max or 12S mini/12S/12S Pro/12S Pro Max.

    new iPhone 13 iPhone 12S

    2.The notch becomes narrower

    smaller notch screen on iPhone 13

    3. New processor: A15
    Apple A15 SoC will be used in the new iPhone series. It will be manufactured in the 5 nm process, like the Apple A14. And it should have a six-core CPU divided into two blocks, one with two high-performance cores and the other with four low-power cores, and a high-performance Apple GPU.

    Apple A15 SoC Processor

    4. 120 Hz refresh rate
    The new iPhone will use low-power always-on LPTO OLED panels provided by Samsung and support a 120Hz screen refresh rate. But this feature is only available in the Pro and Pro Max version. The normal version iPhone will use LPTS screens, and the refresh rate is still 60 Hz.

    iPhone 13 120HZ REFRESH RATE

    5. Lens upgrade
    All new iPhone models will be improved from a 5-element f/2.4 lens to a 6-element f/1.8 lens.

    iPhone 13 lens upgrade

    6. Battery capacity upgrade
    The battery capacity of the new iPhone Pro Max version will exceed 4000mAh. With the excellent performance of the low power consumption of A15 SoC, the performance of the battery will be a great improvement.

    iphone 13 battery

    7. New colors
    There's a rumor that the new colors will have Rose Pink, Orange(Bronze), purple.

    iphone 13 new colors